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FIT39 Golf Glove Classic A Black Black

Left Hand sizes   - SS to XL
Right Hand sizes - SS to XL
The Fit39 Classic golf glove will be the best fitting, most comfortable glove you have ever worn due to its groundbreaking multi-directional material.
  • This golf glove will fit any shape of hand and remain snugly in place regardless of the position or movement of your hand.
  • It comes with a deodorizing and antibacterial coating.
  • The breathable material (100% cotton pile rubber) helps to draw moisture away from your hand.
  • Durable and machine washable.
  • The "Emboss Technology" helps you maintain a powerful grip in all weather conditions, and gives high levels of unparalleled comfort.

FIT39 Golf Gloves

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The revolutionary FIT39 golf glove has become one of the world's most popular gloves over recent years. Over 3,000,000 of the FIT39 gloves have been sold worldwide and sales are increasing rapidly.

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