FIT 39 Golf Glove | Golf Gloves in Australia & New Zealand

Innovative design and advanced material technology has been perfectly blended to create the new specialised Fit 39 golf glove.

Using multi-directional stretch fibres, the glove will fit almost any shape and size of hand, with the utmost comfort and grip capability, and in all weather conditions.

Product Features

  • Very comfortable, form fitting glove.
  • Excellent grip characteristics in all weather conditions.
  • Washable (without the shrinking, stiffness and disfiguring common with most other brands).
  • Fits snugly to almost any shape and size of hand due to the "stretch" fabric.
  • The fabric breaths, ensuring a very usable glove in both wet and hot (perspiring) conditions.
  • The glove has an anti-bacterial coating and is quick drying which avoids the mustiness and mouldiness associated with some other brands.

The FIT39 range of glove is a tight fitting glove and generally may be larger in fit then your current size. If unsure as to the right size of glove for you, place a tape measure around your hand as shown below and the centimetre reading will indicate the appropriate glove size. (Longer fingers may require the next size up).


FIT39 Glove Size    cm's
SS    15-19
S    19-21
M    21-23
L    23-24
XL    24-25
XXL    25-29

 *measurements are approximate

FIT 39 Golf Gloves

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